Liberators' Tasks are divided into two kinds: Main Tasks and Daily Tasks. Completing them is the users main source of EXP, as well as a source of resources that might otherwise be more difficult to attain, like dogtags. Rarer tasks that players only accomplish once are recognized as achievements. 

Here are a few common tasks:

True Patriot: Use 200 War Bonds

Training: Go to a City and Train with a Commander 3 Times

Invasion of Africa: Win 5 victories in Invasion of Africa

Trophy Room: Extract resources from the Trophy Room

Armies of Might: Complete 3 Armies of Might battles

City Raids: Raid a city 3 times

Soldiers of the Reich: Fight in Soldiers of the Reich

Draft Tickets: Use Draft Tickets in the Recruiting Office

Ongoing Battles: Join 10 Ongoing Battles

Armory: Buy an item in the Armory

Squads: Join a Squad Battle

Alliance War: Join an ongoing Alliance War that is already happening

Turning Points: Battle in Turning Points 


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