• AfrikaKørps

    How to gain EXP?

    July 31, 2017 by AfrikaKørps

    The following are the best ways to gather EXP:

    1. Main Mission (lvl. 1)
    1. Daily tasks (lvl. 1)
    1. Soldier of the Reich (lvl. 11)
    1. Turning Points (lvl. 35)
    1. Invasion of Africa (lvl. 45)

    You can level up your Commanders, as well as give them new items, medals, and equipment to boost their battle ratings (BR).

    1. Main Mission (lvl 1)
    Advance through war-torn Europe liberating cities as your level develops
    2. Daily tasks (lvl 1)
    A regular list of assignments meant to familiarize players with the various functions of gameplay, and increase their military strength
    3. Headhunters (formerly known as Soldiers of the Reich) (lvl 11)
    Battles with some of the top Axis fighters, five free daily with additional ones purchasable according to VIP level; these grant 100 points …

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