Not every soldier starts his path to glory on the smoothest of terms. Our focus today is on the grizzled, jaded, loud mouthed British soldier who could not get along with his superiors. He wound up in a jail cell, doomed to rot until the opportunity to serve his country landed on his lap.

Known to his friends as a master rugby player and amateur boxer, Robert Blair "Paddy" Mayne is best remembered as a founding member of the Special Air Service who went on to become one of the British Army's most decorated servicemen. He crossed the Sahara desert in 130 degree heat to sneak behind Nazi lines and put a decisive end to the enemy. 


Paddy Mayne commands an army of motorized recon units that are beyond deadly when put on the front lines. His SAS Raid special attack allows him to gain 15 extra moral points when attacked. It also deals extreme damage to an enemy unit when used in a directed attack. He’s an early and important addition to any team serious about attaining victory.


No war game is complete without hardcore heroes to throw onto the field. Strategy, tactics, and cunning are indispensable, but die-hard madcaps like Paddy Mayne turn the battlefield upside down by the sheer fact that they’ve got nothing left to lose.


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Liberators Team

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